I can’t accept the fact that my cousin is more Edward Cullen-ish than me. -___-

Born into darkness,
the light wanders aimlessly,
to be found by you.

—bearer of light

“I can hear your heart even though we’re miles apart.”

I hate old mail.
Hate and love nostalgia.
I love but hate the beach.
And cling to the ocean.
I do not hate the sun,
But I am angry after it sets.

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Distance and age gap just plain sucks. Wtf

“I’ll be your strength when you are weak,
And your voice when you can not speak.
I’ll be your heart,
When you’re falling apart.
I’ll be the stars that shine above,
Overcome hate when you need love.
I’ll be your chameleon,
Your crutch to lean on.
All these things I will be.
If you’d let me”

To love someone is to entrust
them with the power to crush your soul,
your spirit and your heart,
and trusting them not to do it.
I guess I trusted the wrong person.

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I cannot come up of any other answers to my previous question “What causes gravity?” Except this hypothesis: The spinning electrons attached to the atoms create a low mass vortex that ‘sucks’ additional mass around it towards the low mass area. So maybe, in some sense, gravity does not exist; what moves the planets and the stars is the distortion of space and time.

I’m the type of person that puts up walls,
and I’m not looking for someone
that would tear those walls down,
That way I wouldn’t have to
rebuild the whole thing.
But you weren’t just someone,
you were a bulldozer.
Crush Crush Crush,
There goes my rocks.
All I was looking for was
for someone who would actually
climb the walls for me.

Every time I like a guy or develop feelings for a guy or fall in love with a guy, I’m never liked back. Never.

For once in my life, I want to be liked back. I want someone who wants to stay in my life, someone who wants to be with me. I want to know what it’s like to have a boyfriend. No. Scratch that. I just want someone who cares. Romantically. I want to know what it feels like when the person you adore so much feels the same way about you. I’ve been told that it’s the best feeling in the world.

I guess that’s too much for me to ask for.

I did read between the lines and yes, I perfectly do understand what you’re trying to imply—And here’s a news: I never really loved you anyway.

“The fact that I can’t have him is slowly driving me insane.”

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1,795 miles away. Not bad, right?

Kudos to those people who fell in love with someone they haven’t met in person.

People who are in love will be six feet below the ground, depends on the intensity. Thus, it would turn into a black hole that collapses within itself and drags everything around down with it.